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My name's Mark and I'm a meditation instructor. If you'd like, here is some info about me, but the best way to get to know me is by joining a session!

Mark ShenYun Gilenson is a meditation instructor and also an ordained novice Chan (Zen) priest in the Order of HsuYun. Born in Israel, and now living in Switzerland, he divides his time between both places. Mark started out practicing in a Theravada community, learning from teachers such as Luang Por Sumedho and Bhante Vimalaramsi, who still serve as an inspiration for him today. After this he practiced for a few years in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, and today Mark practices Vajrayana as a lay person, and as an ordained novice priest in the Chinese Mahayana tradition under Shi YaoXin Shakya. That's all to say- he’s thoroughly non-sectarian, yet deeply steeped in lineage.

Mark is part of the Dharma Winds Zen Sangha (in the lineage of Master Hsu Yun) and a European affiliate of the Cosmos Chan Community (in the tradition of Master Sheng Yen). He runs the Bodhi&Bass Hermitage (, which runs meditation meetings and retreats in Basel, Switzerland, and also shares the Dharma online in the form of articles, resources and a podcast (Ordinary Mind Meditation Podcast) for interested practitioners far and wide. Mark also teaches on the Meditation & Mindfulness Discord server, where he makes meditation and the Buddhist teachings available for a mostly younger population, many of whom come from the world of gaming.

שמי מארק, ואני מדריך מדיטציה. הנה קצת מידע עלי, אבל הדרך הכי טובה להכיר אותי היא פשוט להצטרף לסשן איתי!

מארק שן-יון גילנסון הוא כומר צ'אן (זן) ומורה לדהרמה ומדיטציה. מארק מתרגל ולומד בודהיזם מאז 2008. בתחילת דרכו השתתף בריטריטים בסגנון גואנקה (וויפאסאנה), ולאחר מכן למד במסורת התרוואדה עם מורים כמו בהנטה ווימלרמסי ולואנג-פאר סומדהו, אשר מהווים השראה בשבילו עד היום. בהמשך תרגל במסורת הזן הויאטנמי של טיק נהאט האן. כיום מתרגל מארק וואג'ראיאנה (בודהיזם טיבטי) תחת קנפו ת'ראנגו רינפוצ'ה במסורת הקארמה קגיו, וצ'אן סיני תחת מוריו יאו-ש'ין שאקייה והמאסטר המכובד ביישי גוו-האן.

מארק הוא מורה במסדר הזן של ש'ו-יון, והנציג האירופאי של קהילת קוסמוס צ'אן במסורתו של שנג-ין. הוא מנהל את משכן הנזיר Bodhi&Bass שבבאזל, שוויץ אשר מאפשרת מפגשי מדיטציה ורטריטים חיים, וכמו כן חומרים מקוונים רבים (מאמרים, ספרים, פודקאסט) לאלו שלא חיים בסביבה שבה נוח להגיע לפעילויות. כמו כן הוא מלמד בקהילת “Meditation & Mindfulness” בדיסקורד, שם מנגיש את הבודהיזם ואת המדיטציה לקהל צעיר שבא ברובו מעולם הגיימינג.

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How It Works


Sanghaline is a sangha of Mindfulness instructors and practitioners who meet for group meditations via video conference. Each meeting, a single instructor guides a group of practitioners.


Choose the dates and times that best suit you for short meditations and we will make sure to remind you when the meditation room opens up. Come in, and enjoy a professionally guided meditation and a personal approach.


Sanghaline is here to help you persist with your Mindfulness practice. Use us. Persist with us and find out how Mindfulness becomes part of your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Meditation via video chat? Seriously? Does it even work?

    Yes, it does! Video chat has all features our guides require in order to throw a professional and beneficial meditation. Practitioners can hear them and each other, see them and each other, and although not physically seated together in the same room, souls do meet, and the sangha is enforced.

  • Do I need a special app for that?

    Yes, if you don’t have the video chat app installed yet, then you’ll need to install it. Don’t worry though, it’s an excellent video chat app which you can use for other needs, and it’s totally free.

  • Who are Sanghaline instructors?

    Our instructors are all professional and certified. You can meet them here.

  • How long does a meditation take?

    It varies. Instructors set the length of the meditations when they schedule them according to their needs. You can find sessions as short as ten minutes and some that are as long as one hour.

  • Can I join every meditation I want?

    Yes! Just pay attention to the meditation language. We’re a global community and meditations are held in many languages. You probably won’t benefit a lot from participating in a meditation that’s held in a language you don’t even speak.

  • What’s the course of a session?

    A meditation starts first by gathering everybody. The meditation rooms opens up 15 minutes before the meditation and the door closed 3 minutes after the scheduled time to allow people who are just little late to make it. Once you join, the instructor will start by greeting you and making sure you can see and hear them, and vice versa. Once the door closed, the instructor will mute everybody’s mics so there won’t be any interruptions and begin the meditation. Once the gong sounds, the meditation ends and now mics can be unmuted and a short feedback conversion begins where you can share your feelings and your thoughts, and get feedback from the instructor.

  • Are the meditations recorded?

    Yes! And you can replay them at any time. Use it to help you meditate on your own if the need arises.

  • How much does it cost?

    Sanghaline is free for you to play with for the first ten days. You can join as many meditations you like and listen to as many recordings as you like for this initial trial period. We encourage you to do just that. We hope that once your trial period is over, you’ll learn to appreciate the value Sanghaline provides, and subscribe to one of our paid plans, that enable us to keep the servers up, and the instructors quality high.


First week is free. Unlimited usage. No credit card required.

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