Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

This will be layout in plain English
  • Sanghaline mission is to enable mindfulness instructors and practicers meet in an online video conference for the purpose of practicing mindfulness.
  • We collect your email upon sign up. We will never share your email, nor will we ever spam you. With every email we send you we'll include an option to unsubscribe, either from that specific email type, or from any email whatsoever coming from our system.
  • We may use your email in order to send you calendar invites to scheduled meditations of instructors you're subscribed to. You can always unsubscribe from instructors on the website and stop getting calendar invites.
  • We collect your phone number if you wish to subscribe to SMS reminders for upcoming meditations. We will never share your phone, nor will we ever spam you. You can always unsubscribe from SMS notifications on the website.
  • Once you log in, we use cookies to keep you logged in. So yeah, we use cookies. We merely save your session ID in them, or if you choose to "remember me", we also save another random ID with which we can identify you when you come back to the website after being gone for a while.
  • Most meditations are recorded in order to enable users to listen to recording later on. Recordings are initiated and stopped by instructors. They start the recording only once the meditation start when your audio should be muted, so your voice won't be recorded. They end the recording immediately when the meditation stops before you resume conversation. We use several methods for recordings, some only record audio, some record also the video. You may be seen in the video if you don't disable the video during the meditation, however, from the resulting video files, we only extract the audio and discard the video. All in all, you shouldn't expect to be recorded verbaly or visualy, and surely we won't publish any recording that contains your voice or visual without your consent.
  • Mediation is a spiritual and mental process. Not us, nor any of the instructors on Sanghaline will be held liable for any mental or spiritual issue that arise after practicing meditation on the website. You acknowledge that you practice mediation on the website at your own risk.
  • You can always contact us via email: support@sanghaline.com
  • Apologies for not spending on a lawyer to craft some legal blurb here. We rather invest in the product rather than in the lawyer.